ADHD Coach Leader, Mentor, Speaker

Chana Klein is a Storyteller

Chana at the ADHD Conference Nov 2018


Listen to 4-minute “ADHD in the Kitchen” (told at CHADD Conference Nov. 2017)


IGEEM 2014 Chana
Teacher of Face Reading: Chana Klein teaching “The Face as the Subconscious – How to Read the Wrinkles and How to Clear Them” in San Diego California at the International Gathering of Energy Medicine Practitioners (IGEEM )

Chana as ADHD Coach Leader, Teacher, and Mentor

Chana mentors many coaches.

She also teaches General Coaching and ADHD Coaching focusing on the Coaching Competencies.

Chana has created many tools and courses such as

  • ICF/PAAC Competencies for Coaching the Uncoachable: ADHD, ASD & General Population
  • Mistaken Myths & The Truth About Getting A Good Night Sleep
  • Mind Pictures: A Coaching Tool
  • Is it ADD or ASD? How Autism Spectrum Disorder is different from ADHD in manifestation and in the Coaching Experience.
  • Beyond Medication, Beyond Possibility: Energy Medicine for Challenges of ADHD, ASD, & You
  • The Face as the Subconscious: How to Read the Wrinkles and How to Clear Them
  • How to use Face Reading for the Beginner
  • How to use the Ancient Art of Chinese Medicine Face Reading to Determine the Client’s Element & Issues
  • Connecting With The Competencies to Transform Your Coaching
  • Some Fascinating Findings on the ADHD Brain from an Experienced Coach/Healer
  • The Art of the Question
  • ADHD & Addiction – Recovery Issues – How Can Coaching Help?
  • Resisting Resolutions: The Resistant Client – Resistance in Ourselves and in Our Clients
  • Intuition and the ADHD Coach
  • ADHD & Boundaries – What’s the Connection?
  • Getting Your ADHD Child & Teen Ready for a Day in School with Energy Medicine Tools & Techniques that Facilitate Focus

ADHD Coach Leader:

  • Chana is the co-founder of the Professional Association of ADD Coaches (PAAC)
  • She is the Director of Training of the ADHD/ Autism Division of Impact Coaching Academy.
  • Chana has served as the International Coach Federation (ICF) ADHD Community of Practice Leader since 2007 to the present.

What people say about working with Chana

It was very meaningful how you got us all involved with your Ethical Dilemmas and how you provoked very meaningful and active participation and discussion.

Your talk on Connecting with the Competencies was amazing and very much needed because I think most of us do not really understand the competencies at the level and depth that you so well explain them. You present difficult concepts so clearly that I can take them in with ease.Wonderful, wonderful conference. The ethics is very important & I don’t think that there is enough said about it.

Thank you!

Your explanation of “the three most paralyzing words” for a coach “I know that!” were right on the money – and as always, you encouraged all of us on the call to come up with our own answers and ideas.

My dear Chana,
As always I love your teleclasses. Love ya!
You have such a clear way of relating and teaching by example.
I can’t wait till your next CoP call to learn more about what the competencies are really about!
Thank you so much.
Thank you for an interesting calls, it was really very helpful discussing these real coaching situations from competencies and ethics point of view

Thank you for today’s session. I enjoyed the way you are covering the competencies. It reinforced as well as provided new insights and ways of looking at them. Thank you for your time and energy and for sharing your experience and wisdom.

Thank you for training today. I jumped in to do the demo because time was of the essence and I knew you could handle anything I came up with!

Your coaching of Dee was superb, deep and profound. In just a few short minutes, and with laser questions, you were able to get to her core, soul level issue and help her find within herself, ways to deal with that issue. You take coaching way beyond the science and have developed it to a magnificent art! Thank you so much for your continued effort in putting these classes together. Your results are always wonderful, but to hear you teach about the competencies and to hear you coach is spectacular!

Wonderful session. You did a great job as presenter. Especially the humor.

  • Takeaways: “if you already know, you can’t be curious.”
  • Metaphor of ‘riding over a bump’ was wonderful
  • Coaching: What was that like?
  • Therapy: Why did you do that?
  • Consulting: Here is how I do it.
  • Stay in the coaching mode! Ask a question and WAIT. Is there more?

Enjoyed the demo: you followed the client and used the client’s language.
Thank you for providing this space for us to review the competencies.

Your sharing that the opposite of the coach thinking “I know that” is “curiosity” is a very important part of coaching. That the coach should always come to the coaching experience with curiosity, not knowing, and just being in the moment, with no preconceived notions or ideas, and absolute coaching presence. Thank you for that.

Fantastic session!!! When are you appearing again? Your call helped me decide something and reconsider taking a certain client. After hearing your valuable points, I am reconsidering. We only texted so far, and having a preliminary phone session today. Love

Wow…you are really perceptive!
Thank you so much for noticing and sharing…sometimes when you are in something you just don’t notice the changes in yourself.
Keep up all your terrific work…you are a treasure to your clients!
Your comparison examples of Therapist vs Consultant vs Coach made their differences very clear. You said, “in coaching, we stay in the present or the future. I also got that you compared Silent and Listen as having the same letters thereby indicating how important it is to be Silent and to Listen to the client.
Thanks very much for this great call. I really appreciate the way you are leading those calls.
You are so right, the more we know in a subject the more difficult it gets with coaching.
So it is really good to stay curious and keep wondering about what might happen next.
Thanks very much for all those reminders. They are very helpful.
And lots of greetings from Switzerland to the New York lady.

Below are some comments from participants in Chana’s courses:

You may use the below endorsement as you wish. I admire your efforts to get ADHD accreditation the right way with integrity and experienced coaches. I think you are great!!!
I attended Chana Klein’s workshop at the ADDA conference in July 2008. Chana is a master of presenting how to work with internal parts and utilize the work for people to make major changes in their lives. She is totally knowledgeable about the subject and communicates with warmth and humor. I loved the fact that she expresses her ideas without the use of power-point. She included time for us to practice and went around with suggestions. She is so masterful at speaking and knowledgeable about the subject of resistance and parts that I totally recommend her as a coach or speaker at your conference.

Ira Dressner, PCC, Ph.D. Spiritual and ADHD Coach, Board Member of International Coach Federation. Board Member of Professional Association of ADHD Coaches

This course is great for anyone who wants to further develop their understanding of the competencies. You will learn Do’s and Don’ts around each competency as you prepare for certification. You will also walk away with a whole list of questions that will be helpful to incorporate into your natural curiosity.

Chris Grady-Wilson

If you’re going to take the ICF exam, you have GOT to take this course with Chana. It’s
informative, fun and she can explain the competencies in a down-to-earth manner. You’ll know everything you need to know to pass the exam!

Sue Walker

A fast paced course, Chana knows her stuff. She is a gifted teacher, plus, she knows what the ICF is looking for. Thanks so much Chana for your time and skills and information.

Desy Campbell

“You know what you know. And sometimes, you know what you don’t know. And other times you don’t know what you don’t know.” Chana enlightens you to the areas that you don’t know what you don’t know and creates a wonderful place for you to learn, experience, and then know it in your heart to enhance your coaching skills.

Rhonda Masure

This course absolutely connects the practice of coaching to the ICF core competencies. The student will be left in no doubt what is required of them to meet these competencies. The course imparts maximum knowledge in minimum time. As an integrative coach this course has opened a new door for me regarding coaching options, style and effectiveness. I highly recommend it. You are a treasure Chana!!!

Jenny Devine

Chana is an excellent teacher and makes the information taught about the ICF competencies very understandable, realistic, and useful while doing this in a setting that is very safe for students to ask questions and practice. Not only did Chana do an outstanding job of “teaching” the information, she made an extra effort to provide each student with a written “Summary” of the material covered after each class. This extra effort made each class even more valuable because we were left with 2 resources for review and getting more out of each class: The recording of each class for review and the “Summary” she so skillfully prepared for us.

Lorraine Brock

My desire to write a testimonial for Chana Klein is two-fold: I want to express deep gratitude for her effective and efficient teaching skills and also to encourage others who might benefit from her expertise.
Several months ago, I asked Chana to help prepare me for the ICF oral exam. I knew it was not enough to simply understand the Core Competencies. To earn a credential, I needed to be able to apply them effectively in a coaching situation. After working with Chana, in an amazingly short period of time, I not only better understood the competencies, but also knew what to avoid. And more importantly, I felt confident that I could ask the questions that would best support my client through the session. This was verified as feedback when my evaluator acknowledged me for applying the competencies through skilled questioning techniques without question a result of my work with Chana.
I have no doubt that working with Chana was responsible for giving me the additional skills I needed to pass the ICF oral exam. Chana is clear, concise, to the point and is a great teacher and coach, in her own right. She can show you how to do the same. Thank you, Chana.

Carla Lee

I believe anyone who is exploring all types of coaching, will find this a great basic platform for coaching anyone.

Linda Weiser

Chana rocks! If you want to know what’s what as far as getting ICF-certified, she’s the one for you. She delivers the bottom line in a warm, lively, personal and entertaining way, and hits the mark with her deep knowledge and experience as a coach and as an assessor. You can’t help but learn and have fun doing so!

Mary Jane Aboud

Chana shared her expert knowledge of the process of ACC certification and helped to clarify the expectations when taking an oral exam. She is both knowledgeable and compassionate. We used real life situations for practice and she was able to highlight the concepts we were discussing. If you want to know the do’s and don’ts of ICF Certification on a practical level, Chana can guide you through that process.

CK Reyes

This course is a concise and practical exchange of knowledge of the ICF Core Competencies. Chana helps any coach, at any stage in their practice. to weave the ICF standards seamlessly into their unique coaching style. I appreciate the time and knowledge that Chana brings to the forum. Thank You!

Cat Meehan

It would have been much more difficult to proceed with the ICF certification without having taken this course. The classes helped to get a clear picture of the requirements and their practical application in coaching. Chana’s knowledge and ability to share this knowledge leave me well prepared for the ICF certification requirements.
Thank you for providing this invaluable service. Who you are as a coach and human being is very inspiring and motivating.

Marita Wahl-Shedd

I now have a deeper understanding regarding core competencies and it supports me in terms of my effectiveness in interacting with clients. I also have higher confidence to take ICF exam. I highly recommend Chana’s Group Mentoring Course. It’s very practical and yet fun course. I’ve learned a lot myself. And as a result, And the price is very reasonable!

Vivian Cheng

As an Integrative Life Coach pursuing ICF credentialing, I found these four training sessions on the ICF Core Competencies invaluable in preparing for the next step of credentialing in the coaching profession. Chana’s knowledge of the subject is a clear 10 out of 10! She has a gift of sharing her expertise in this field with clarity and compassion and a keen and pragmatic understanding of how to implement the ICF Core Competencies. I highly recommend Chana’s training to anyone who is pursuing integrating the rigors of the ICF guidelines into their coaching practice.

Susan Pachman

If you are working on getting ICF credentials or if you want to improve your coaching skills this course is a must! Chana provided a clear structure and tons of material that is essential in coaching. I will listen to the recordings and practice these invaluable skills throughout my life, in all areas both personal and professional.

Lauri Boyer

The return on investment for this course was worthwhile. I especially recommend this course for new coaches who haven’t had a lot of experience with coaching because the material taught is universally useful and relevant regardless of the type of training they may have already received. In addition, they will have all of the notes and recordings from the classes to reference long after the class has completed.
Chana is very student-oriented and does everything possible to ensure that each class session provides as much instruction and practice as possible.

Andrea Carlton

Chana’s Connecting with the Competencies Course was informative and hands on. That allowed me to practice while learning the material. Chana is masterful at making distinctions with ease and grace for her students to integrate into their coaching skills. I recommend this course for anyone wanting to enhance their coaching skills and or receive ICF certification.
I think you did an awesome job at structuring the course, delivering the information and allowing us an opportunity to practice. The context and the content were easy to learn and easy to apply.

Denise Palmisano

This course is useful in understanding and clearly knowing what the competencies are for the coaching federation. Once you understand and know the competencies you can choose to use the work as a coach. The instructor is kind, supportive and acknowledging in a way that makes you feel safe and open to sharing in the course. I felt the learning was fun and friendly and that is nice environment to learn anything. It came together nicely and I am grateful that I took the course. Thank you for being who you are Chana. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow in this way.

Vickey Thompson

Taking a class from Chana Klein is a MUST! You will learn so much. You will not only be taught the necessary skills needed for the competencies for the ICF, but you will be exposed to a powerful and impacting coach who demonstrates the importance of being a present and intentional coach. Her skills will demonstrate the infinite possibilities that are available to clients when the coach listens without an agenda.

Chana is knowledgeable, supportive, and respectful. This class not only impacted my coaching skills, but it impacted my life and who I want to be.

Tessa Brock