The Lone Tree: Alone But Not Alone

Even when the alone times are so much longer than the moments of connection, I have to know that these are the times of the greatest, deepest, inner growth. Siman Tov and Mazal Tov

Lucky Break

A Life Lessons Story I remember when my 3 kids were teens. They would come home from school and I would ask them: “How was your day?” “Fine.” Would be the refrain. “What happened in school today?” “Nothing.” What did you learn?” “Nothing.” I yearned to be involved in their lives. But I couldn’t get … Continue reading “Lucky Break”

Break His Teeth – Journey From Being Illiterate

A Life-Lessons Story The Story of Passover??? The very first time that I read the Haggadah, the book we read to guide us through the Passover Seder, I was expecting it to be a story, the story of Passover. But I could not find much story. Instead, statements about “the wicked son” caught my attention. … Continue reading “Break His Teeth – Journey From Being Illiterate”

A Matter of Focus

I wonder if we understand the power of focus, the power of deciding to not let the distractions in, with all the distractions we allow ourselves to experience. The power of knowing what we want . . . The power of focus on that one goal . . . We can learn the power of … Continue reading “A Matter of Focus”

A Tale of Two Time Zones

A Life-Lessons Story Do you ever wonder what happened to the work you were supposed to have done by yesterday? After all, you found out about it about three whole months ago. You certainly had enough time. Why didn’t you do it? I wondered that every time I was panicking to finish something that was … Continue reading “A Tale of Two Time Zones”